The Reviews Are In.

We rock. And we want you to know it.

Reviewed 11/19/2012 by Barry P.

This was the first time I used A-1 Prestige Plumbing and it won’t be the last.  I was impressed when I called to make the appointment how friendly and helpful there were.  John arrived as promised and got the work done quickly and best of all, no more leaks.  The price for the entire job was just as I was told on the phone, which was less than other places said they would be the minimum charge.

—Barry P., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 08/24/2012 by Erik P.

I called these guys to come out because I thought my water heater was leaking.  The technician who came out was very thorough and after about 20 minutes of searching for the leak, determined it was coming from our Heater/Air Conditioning unit instead.

Since he had to charge me for a service call, he offered to replace an obviously corroded ball valve that was leading into my tank.  There was only a small extra charge, since his time was already paid for by the service call that I had to pay anyway.  He was very professional, polite and honest.

I will call these guys again for my plumbing needs.

—Erik P., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 06/20/2012 by Bill A.

We have been using A-1 Prestige Plumbing for over ten years and have found their service to be high quality.  They are not the cheapest plumber but do you really want the cheapest?  They have been around a long time and have several full time plumbers on staff so they are available.  There are quite a few other companies with low price “service calls” that come out only to drive up the price up when they get there and you are desperate. A-1’s prices are reasonable and they do quality work.

—Bill A., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 04/10/2012 by Ed Melanson

I very recently used AI Prestige Plumbing from a 3000 mile distance to remedy a major sewer drain problem in a property in San Diego.  I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a more professional company sight unseen.  “JT” handled the problem superbly keeping me informed by phone and email.  He did all the liaison with the city to make certain the city completed its part of the repair.  I would unhesitatingly recommend A1 and I fully intend to keep them on my contact list if any plumbing issue develops.  You won’t go wrong by calling them first.  They will know what to do and you can be assured it’s in their genes to do a professional job.

—Ed Melanson 3000

Reviewed 11/29/2010 by Jim P.

A 1 Prestige plumbing saves the day again at my house. Our house is 30 years old and pipes seem to bust at the most in oportune time. Late Friday afternoon they quickly responded to my call about a burst pipe in the attic. JT had it fixed in a Jiffy. Thanks again guys!

—Jim P., Carlsbad, CA

Reviewed 11-14-2011 by Paul B.

Called A-1 Prestige late at night for a plugged drain.  They called back within a half hour to learn the details and were there within about an hour.  Even though it was late and the roof was damp from the dew and all they had no issues pulling out the heavy “snake” and working on the roof from the main bathroom vent.  Ran the line all the way to the street to make sure it was clear then went inside and made sure everything was flowing well before they left.  Did a good job and did not make the mess other plumbers have made.  Also put me on a yearly maintenance plan since part of the problem was the tree roots in the pipe in the front yard due to pepper tree and recommended I change the toilets due to the previous toilet put in during the remodel were low flow with low pressure.  Followed their recommendation on the new toilets and now several months later things are still working well.  Quite a change from the calls every few months.

—Paul B., Poway, CA

Reviewed 11-05-2011 by Veronica W.

Saturday night and the toilet decides to overflow. Nice. Tried to snake it, but still ended up bailing it out with a bucket. Ewww. Next step, call plumber. My condo complex uses A-1 Prestige, so it was a no-brainer who to call. John came out within an hour and fixed the problem (with a much larger auger) and even gave me some tips on how to deal with a busted trip-lever on my bathtub. He was very polite, friendly, and happy to answer my many questions. I’ve only ever had good experiences with this company, and I would recommend them highly.

—Veronica W., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 10-31-2011 by Bob R.

I had some work done by A1-Prestige. The price was very fair as I was able to scehdule the work when the tub parts were available. I will use them again. They made sure to keep the house and work area clean.

I was amazed also when the worker told me that they offer 24 hour service, even on the weekends. You may more for this but if your house is flooding, cost is not an issue!

—Bob R., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 10-27-2011 by Marva L.

When my H20 heater busted my neighbors informed me that there was a very efficient plumbing company in Poway that was highly recommended. That company is owned by Mr. Thiry. He is “JT” who actually replaced my H20 heater himself. He brought along a young man whom he coached through the entire 3 hour process while at my home. “JT’s” leadership was very impressive and something I had never witnessed prior to meeting him on last Monday. I had so much anxiety over my heater busting during this holiday season. Nevertheless, after working with “JT” my experience was more than professional, it was a pleasure having them over. “JT” even took time out to access my kitchen sink and some future work in my restroom. I highly recommend “JT” and A-1 Prestige Plumbing Team for all your plumbing needs or desires. Thank you “JT”. Hope you and your family enjoyed the cookies!

—Marva L., San Diego, CA

Reviewed 10-26-2011 by Travis G.

I had A1 Prestige plumbing come out to my rental property to fix all the supply lines and a broken shower handle. They came out and did an oustanding job at a fair price. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

—Travis G., San Diego, CA