Leak Detection, Service & Repair

Between washing dishes, to showers, to flushing the toilet, around 400 gallons of water each day flows through your homes plumbing system. When there is a disruption in the flow of water, it is important that it be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid possibly severe damage to your home.

Sometimes, leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time—weeks, even months. This constant dripping can cause extensive damage throughout the home and require in expensive plumbing repairs.

If you suspect you may have a plumbing leak, call A-1 Prestige Plumbing @ 858-748-3448 and we’ll get one of our plumbing service technicians to your door quickly!

Important Things for Look For
  • Bad smell
  • Bulging floor boards/tile
  • Water puddles
  • Higher Water Bill